“To hell with your competitors; compete against perfection by identifying all activities that are muda and eliminating them. ”

J. Womack & D. Jones, Lean Thinking, 2nd Edition, Page 49

 Tailor made projects:

Six sigma DMAIC is allways the base to approach the project . DMAIC assures that decisions are taken based on relevant information. It is an accepted method to make organisations more efficiënt .

Define: define precisely he scope of the project and what the customer actually wants

Measure: gather the necessarry information about the process

Analyse: analyse processes and data, determine the root causes

Improve: define solutions like adaptations to the production, new process instructions and new service concepts

Control: provide systems to keep the new situation under control

Standard improvement projects:

  • 5S
  • SMED
  • Waste reduction
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Value stream mapping
  • Six sigma